A Very Important Message from Bryan Abrams to his Fans

There’s no easy way to say this, so let me get it out of the way and then we can discuss.

Color Me Badd, in its current incarnation, is no more.

That’s not an easy sentence to write. When Mark Calderon and I first got back together in 2010 to perform in Hawaii, we were cautiously optimistic it could be the start of a new chapter for CMB. We were certainly encouraged by the wildly enthusiastic reaction of that first crowd!

Shortly after, KT officially jumped back in and we were even more excited at the possibilities! It was mind blowing to think that after a decade-plus away we could come back together and perform as Color Me Badd again.

And that’s the thing to remember: we all truly love performing. It’s in our blood. So the idea that we could get back out there in front of our fans, sing songs that hit the sweet spot for so many, and create a new chapter with new music and new fans… It was almost too good to be true!

And it was. 

We wanted it to work. We were writing, recording demos… Certainly when we sang together our voices locked in like days had never passed. But we were building on a foundation already full of cracks from long ago. The house was bound to crumble, and crumble it has.

As of today, I will no longer be singing with Color Me Badd. 

I am aware there are scheduled dates for the group already on the books; I can’t speak for the others, but as long as the necessary airfare and accommodations are provided for us all as scheduled, I will absolutely be there to do my part in delivering the CMB show you’re anticipating! 

And it goes without saying I wish nothing but the best for Mark and Kevin, whatever path they end up taking. Who knows? The day may come when our voices can lock together again. 

As for me, I plan to immediately refocus my energies on cultivating new Bryan Abrams goodness! New music is definitely on the way (the stuff I’ve been working on has me totally stoked), and there are a few additional ideas on the table I’ve long considered tackling. 

Know this: regardless the project, I plan to share the journey with you. For updates, @bryanabrams on Twitter will continue to be Ground Zero for now, but that will be expanded upon soon. Stay tuned!

I know this is a sudden turn of events, but I respect you all too much to do anything but be upfront about it. You deserve to know what’s going on, and I sincerely hope you stick around to see what’s coming ‘round the bend!

Forever Love,

Bryan Abrams

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